Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Blossom Kochhar Aroma Magic DRY SKIN OIL Review

Hello Beauties!!

Facial oils seem to be a rage these days and we all have seen how beauty guru’s swear by them. But the very mention of word oil reminds be of something heavy, sticky, smelly and something that will stain your pillow and clothes
So while I too wanted to give it a try I was a little hesitant to invest in a high end brand and while on a lookout for an inexpensive yet trustworthy brand, I came across the Aroma Magic Dry Skin Oil

Blossom Kochher’s Aroma Magic is a well known brand in the beauty world and I have tried some of their products in past which worked pretty well. While they have a wide range of facial and essential oils to choose from, since it was still winters keeping in mind my then skin condition I picked up the Dry Skin Oil.

Aroma Magic Dry Skin Oil  which is enriched with natural extract of orange peel, grapefruit, lemon , aloe vera, glycerin, lemon oil, verbena oil and palmarosa oil claims it
Moisturizes deeply and nourishes skin
Intensely hydrates
Refreshes and conditions
Gives a glow to the skin

I replaced my night cream with this oil and used it regularly for over a month. This oil is really light weight and non greasy and this helps in it getting easily absorbed by the skin. I apply 4-5 drop of this oil and lightly massage my skin for 2-3 mins. My skin instantly felt well moisturised but not enough for winters when my skin needs that extra dose of moisture and although this oil did a decent job there was no drastic change in my skin and would wake up having dry skin again. I also stopped using this oil for my morning routine as it does not instantly hydrate skin neither does it leave your skin glowing and felt the need of applying another round of moisturiser in just like 4 hours. Another aspect where I felt let down is that it being an aromatic essential oil I was expecting this oil to have nice fragrance but sadly this oil failed to impress me on that front. It has a mild woody aroma which does not stay on too long.

The aroma magic oil comes in a very attractive dark coloured bottle with screw lid wooden cap which prevents the oil from spilling. This also makes it travel friendly. The bottle is packed in a brown paper box but the ingredients are not listed which is a big miss as I am sure most beauties would agree that we need to understand what goes on to our skin. (Thankfully the SA had a catalogue which helped in getting the ingredients) I am also a little disappointed that it does not have a dropper which I feel is a more convenient way of handling oils.

So overall for the price this Aroma Magic Oil for Dry Skin does a decent job I will not repurchase it as I was certainly expecting much more from it. I eventually started to add a few drop to my night cream for that added moisture boost and most importantly to finish the product.

Rating: 2/5
Price: INR 350/- for 20 ml

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