Monday, 5 June 2017

Maybelline Clean Express Total Clean Makeup Remover Review

Hello All,

Well by now I am sure all of us are aware that it is literally criminal to leave makeup on before going to sleep as this will severely damage your skin. Hence the one thing each girl should have in her vanity is a good makeup remover

Makeup removers have been around for sometime now and so is the product that I am reviewing today. It’s the Maybelline Clean Express Total Clean Makeup Remover.

The packaging of this one is something that instantly made me buy it. This makeup remover comes in a clear plastic bottle with a nozzle opening and a white screw cap. With a little pink and white used to print all other details on the bottle you just cannot miss this little thing which is quite travel friendly and sits comfortably in any bag.

As claimed by Maybelline this Clean Express Total Clean is an express eye and lip makeup remover with powerful bi-phase formula that instantly breaks stubborn and long lasting eye and lip, even water proof.
It very easy to use. You just shake the bottle to allow the dual phase formula to mix well. This makes the otherwise clear liquid slightly milky in appearance. Take couple of drops on a cotton pad and then to remove eye makeup I like to keep the cotton pads on my eyelids for a few seconds before swiping it off. This ensures all my eye makeup including waterproof mascara is taken off very easily without irritating my eyes. I follow the same process to clean kohl or liner from my waterline and it does not sting. Similarly this also removes all my face makeup including stubborn lipstick. (for matt lipsticks you may need more than 1 swipe) and within minutes you have a clear, squeaky clean face with absolutely no traces of makeup. I also use a cotton pad with this makeup remove to go over my neck area and it takes away all the dirt and grime which settles in as a result of pollution etc. Though the formula contains some oil this does not make your skin greasy while ensuring that your skin is not overtly dry as well.
This fragrance free formula is suitable for all skin types and a small bottle goes a long way since very little product is required unless you wear heavy makeup daily which also makes it one of the most pocket friendly makeup removers I have come across.

in One swipe

in 2 swipes
Overall the Maybelline Clean Express Total Clean Makeup Remover is certainly one of the best makeup removers I have ever tried and while I keep trying new launches this one has sought a permanent place in my makeup stash.

Ratings: 5/5
Price : INR 300/- for 70 ml

Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Blossom Kochhar Aroma Magic DRY SKIN OIL Review

Hello Beauties!!

Facial oils seem to be a rage these days and we all have seen how beauty guru’s swear by them. But the very mention of word oil reminds be of something heavy, sticky, smelly and something that will stain your pillow and clothes
So while I too wanted to give it a try I was a little hesitant to invest in a high end brand and while on a lookout for an inexpensive yet trustworthy brand, I came across the Aroma Magic Dry Skin Oil

Blossom Kochher’s Aroma Magic is a well known brand in the beauty world and I have tried some of their products in past which worked pretty well. While they have a wide range of facial and essential oils to choose from, since it was still winters keeping in mind my then skin condition I picked up the Dry Skin Oil.

Aroma Magic Dry Skin Oil  which is enriched with natural extract of orange peel, grapefruit, lemon , aloe vera, glycerin, lemon oil, verbena oil and palmarosa oil claims it
Moisturizes deeply and nourishes skin
Intensely hydrates
Refreshes and conditions
Gives a glow to the skin

I replaced my night cream with this oil and used it regularly for over a month. This oil is really light weight and non greasy and this helps in it getting easily absorbed by the skin. I apply 4-5 drop of this oil and lightly massage my skin for 2-3 mins. My skin instantly felt well moisturised but not enough for winters when my skin needs that extra dose of moisture and although this oil did a decent job there was no drastic change in my skin and would wake up having dry skin again. I also stopped using this oil for my morning routine as it does not instantly hydrate skin neither does it leave your skin glowing and felt the need of applying another round of moisturiser in just like 4 hours. Another aspect where I felt let down is that it being an aromatic essential oil I was expecting this oil to have nice fragrance but sadly this oil failed to impress me on that front. It has a mild woody aroma which does not stay on too long.

The aroma magic oil comes in a very attractive dark coloured bottle with screw lid wooden cap which prevents the oil from spilling. This also makes it travel friendly. The bottle is packed in a brown paper box but the ingredients are not listed which is a big miss as I am sure most beauties would agree that we need to understand what goes on to our skin. (Thankfully the SA had a catalogue which helped in getting the ingredients) I am also a little disappointed that it does not have a dropper which I feel is a more convenient way of handling oils.

So overall for the price this Aroma Magic Oil for Dry Skin does a decent job I will not repurchase it as I was certainly expecting much more from it. I eventually started to add a few drop to my night cream for that added moisture boost and most importantly to finish the product.

Rating: 2/5
Price: INR 350/- for 20 ml

Monday, 22 May 2017


Hello Beauties!!
Yes, I am back after a loooooong hiatus. Without getting into the WHYs and HOWs I am straight going to jump into reviewing one of my current fav product!!
I am quite picky and particular about my skin care products and hence rarely does any product become my favourite in a relatively short period. But this one is an exception.

My skin though is normal with slightly oily T-Zone, with change in weather it tends to get little dry and hence when I came across this L’oreal skin perfection soothing gel cream wash I instantly picked it up since it was specifically made for dry and sensitive skin.

The packaging of this face wash is really cute as it comes in a pretty pink tube with white flip top cap which is quite sturdy and is good to carry when travelling. Like any other L’oreal product this too has the ingredients mentioned on the tube and helps one in making the right product choice and you exactly know what going on you skin.

That being said, though its called a gel cream face wash, the formula is not quite gel like unlike other gel creams/wash available in the market. The consistency of this wash is a little runny for gel but not too runny like a regular face wash.
It is extremely creamy and smooth in texture and feels really soothing on skin. Little is enough and the product effectively remove all the dirt and gunge from my face with zero trace of makeup. My face is squeaky clean after I use this. The gel wash foams moderately and is easy to wash off. This L'oreal gel wash does have a mild fragrance which is very pleasant but unfortunately doesn’t stay on after you wash off the product ( which may be a plus for some beauties)
I have been using this face wash for more than a month now and I love the way my skin feels. It doesn’t make my skin dry nor does it make it feel overtly tight unlike few other face washes.
This product does exactly what it claims and I have no reason to complain. The L’oreal skin perfect soothing gel cream wash has certainly found a permanent place in my skin care products.

If not at the local beauty store this product is easily available at all leading e-commerce sites and hence I will definitely want you all to give it a try and do share your experience here.

Ratings: 5/5
Price: INR 580/- for 150 ml (Price varies on each portal and ranges between INR 550 - 780)