Friday, 13 November 2015

The Body Shop Vitamin E Nourishing Night Cream Review

Night Creams have been around for some time now yet many of us have not incorporated them into the daily skin care routine. Hopefully this review helps you take that first step.
So what are night creams and why do we need one??? Well night creams as compared to day creams are more thicker and heavier in texture. They come minus any SPF and since our skin repairs itself while we sleep, these creams are generally made with ingredients that not just nourish but even treat and repair our skin and help in cell renewal process.
Alright so I am a huge fan of night creams and The Body Shop Vitamin E Nourishing Cream is the one I have been using for the last few months
Here’s what The Body Shop has to say this cream - With rich wheat germ oil to replenish and revitalize skin while you snooze. A rich, nourishing cream that helps replenish antioxidant and moisture levels overnight, when the skin is at its most receptive. It leaves skin feeling soft and smooth.
So like I mentioned earlier this cream too is really thick and feels heavy on the skin and makes it look a little greasy.. It spreads easily and takes around a min or two to get absorbed into the skin and hence just a pea size amount is sufficient for the face. Which is why one tub will last you for  a very very long time. I have been using mine for the last 10 months (yes that’s how long one tub has lasted). This light pink coloured cream has a very faint fragrance which fades away in no time 

With Coco Butter and Vitamin E as its main ingredients this cream definitely does what it claims – it moisturises, repairs and leaves my skin looking healthy and glowing each day.

Packaging wise it comes in a similar coloured plastic tub, which is something I am not too fond of. I don’t quite like to dip my finger into any product as its extremely unhygienic. Anyway, I use a tiny spatula to scoop out the required amount of product every day and that helps in keeping my tub germ free. The tub packaging is quite sturdy and travel friendly as well.

Overall I am very happy with the TBS Vitamin E Nourishing Night cream and I am definitely buying another tub. So if you too have dry or combination skin, I’d say go give it a try!!! In case of oily skin this may not suit you but try getting a sample from the store before investing in a full sized product.

Rating: 4.75 / 5 (-0.25 for the tub packaging)
INR  1195/- for 50ml

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